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Why an Alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon Can Be Beneficial

Why an Alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon Can Be Beneficial

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is one of the largest order fulfillment platforms. Amazon stores your products in their warehouse, and when ordered, they complete the order fulfillment and shipping process. While there are numerous benefits to FBA, there are also many drawbacks. Because of this, you may be thinking about using an alternative e-commerce platform. Read on to discover how this can be beneficial to you.

You Have More Control Over Inventory

When you use FBA, you have little control over your inventory. It is shipped directly to Amazon warehouses, where it will sit until it is ordered and fulfilled. If you want to experiment with new products, you have to send a sizeable amount of inventory to Amazon. If you want to pull products, it can be expensive to ship everything back to you. This makes it challenging to control your inventory and to list new products or eliminate old ones

You Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

You are placing a lot of trust in an order fulfillment company. You expect them to fulfill the order and leave customers happy. While FBA has one of the largest fulfillment systems, the downside is that there are a lot of mistakes made with such a large system. The wrong items, sizes, or colors can be shipped. In turn, this can upset customers and reflect poorly on you. Using a smaller company that makes fewer mistakes may help you to improve customer satisfaction.

You Don't Have to Follow Amazon's Strict Rules

When you use fulfillment by Amazon, there are a lot of rules that need to be followed. Amazon has control over the types of products that can be offered, the shipping structure, and how you can be paid. If the rules do not work well for your business, or you are looking for fewer rules and regulations, using a different fulfillment platform may benefit you.

Online shopping has been steadily growing in popularity, and it shows no signs of dying down. In 2021, retail e-commercial sales amounted to $4.9 trillion worldwide. There are many benefits to using FBA as your e-commerce and order fulfillment platform, but it may not work for everyone. If you are looking to have more control and the ability to set some of your own rules, a different platform may be better for you. Visit our order fulfillment platform today to learn more about the benefits of using our system.